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A Message On Estate Planning From Attorney Xenos:

Dealing With the Unexpected

      The death or serious illness of a loved one can never be an easy or straightforward circumstance to deal with. Whether expected or untimely, such events are usually accompanied by unexpected stresses and complications that reach far beyond the event itself.  While appropriate planning certainly cannot alleviate the heartache involved,  it can,  at the very least, lessen the burden in a most important way.

Selecting the Right Attorney

      I understand that the planning of an estate, planning for the care of one's family, or for a disabled or disadvantaged loved one, touches upon the most private aspects of one's life. Many are uncomfortable discussing such matters, particularly with an attorney unfamiliar to them. Others actually find it easier to approach such matters with a person unknown to them--a person whom they believe, because of their unfamiliarity with the family matters at issue, will not be judgmental. A person whom they believe will take an unbiased view of the family dynamics and issues involved.

      Because I understand this and believe it is so important that an attorney have the full trust and confidence of his or her clients, I begin the planning process with a no-obligation one hour planning consultation for a nominal $100.00 fee. This consultation allows potential clients and myself to get to know each other, and for us to decide if an attorney-client relationship should be formed. If a potential client ultimately retains me,  the consultation will have allowed me to develop a rough outline of options for the client. If I am not retained, hopefully I will have provided assistance that will allow the person or persons to find the "right" attorney.

      After the initial consultation, should we decide that perhaps an attorney-client relationship might be productive, we will further discuss one or more alternatives to accomplish that which the potential client wishes to achieve. When I have enough information to make concrete proposals, and when the potential client has informally agreed to a particular proposal, I will draft a written Representation/Fee Agreement which will set out the services to be provided and the fees for those services.

Straightforward & Reasonable Fees

      I want clients to know what to expect and do not want clients to avoid contacting me with questions and concerns for fear of being charged at every turn. For these reasons, and because it is better for both the clients and myself if communication flows easily and freely, fees in most planning situations are fixed, so-called "flat-rate" fees.  Naturally,  if a call from a client leads to legal services in another matter, or for a total change in the representation, a client might expect to incur an additional fee, but a client will always be made aware of this BEFORE the fee is incurred.

      Only when the client and I have executed the Representation/Fee Agreement do we incur any obligations to each other.

      Consultations can be scheduled during business hours, in the evenings or on weekends, at our mutual convenience. They can be held in my office, or at a client's home.

      To schedule an initial consultation click on my contact page.

      Finally, thank you for "visiting" the Law Office of Nicholas G. Xenos .